Welcome to Veganville

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Welcome Veganville!

Coming from a small rural mid-western town sometimes makes being a vegan difficult. Residents of cattle country don’t always understand the choice so it’s great to see videos like this that get the message out in a HILARIOUS way! I wish I could ad-lib the way Justin Timberlake does! Heck, I wish I had his Tofut-ilicious moves! Watch and learn!


Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Just got done watching this touching documentary about a man that set out to change his life thru fasting and on his way changed a lot of other people lives.  He started out with a 60 day juice fast, and continued eating a whole food diet.  He lost 90 pounds and made a huge change in his life in every way. It was really worth the time to sit down and watch it.  On his website Fat Sick and Nearly Dead he has some good recipes for not only juice but other healthy foods.  I am going to get out the juicer and try one of his recipes for breakfast in the morning.

Dr. McDougall Wagers 10-Day Program That Will Free Paula Deen of Meds

Mcdougall ForksOverKnives Dr. McDougall Wagers 10 Day Program Will Free Paula Deen of MedsDr. John McDougall believes Paula Deen’s type-2 diabetes is curable and is willing to wager that a visit to his 10-day McDougall Program will dramatically improve her health.

In his newsletter released this week, Dr. McDougall said, “If [Paula] attends my program and does not make the significant positive changes that I predict, then I will be a guest on her cooking show and eat sliced beef wrapped in bacon strips and fried in chicken fat. Otherwise, if the McDougall Program does, as I confidently predict, cause her to lose weight, lower her blood sugar, and get her off her diabetic drugs, then she will agree to be a speaker at my next Advanced Study Weekend, September 7-9, 2012, and prepare a five-course, low-fat vegan meal with a starch centerpiece, ending with a healthy dessert.”

borders template 300x210 Dr. McDougall Wagers 10 Day Program Will Free Paula Deen of MedsDr. McDougall’s program involves educating people on a “starch-based diet,” defined as a diet based in “potatoes, rice, corn, sweet potatoes, pasta, etc. along with vegetables and fruits.”  Dr. McDougall says studies going back decades show the benefits of eating this way and adds, “Over time, switching to a low-fat, starch-based diet and associated weight loss will cure essentially every patient with type-2 diabetes.”

We believe, along with Dr. McDougall, that a slim, diabetes-free Paula Deen serving up healthy plant-based fare can have an immeasurable positive impact on America.  This seems like a great opportunity.  What say you, Paula?

I got this article  from Forks Over Knives.  I love how mainstream this idea is becoming.  I hope that Paula Deen takes this seriously and gives it a shot  She will not be sorry and we might get a new vegan cookbook out of the deal.

The Engine 2 Diet

Tanner the kids and I just got done watching Rip Esselstyn’s, the son of Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn who was on “Forks over Knives”, documentary on eating a whole plant based diet (Available on Netflix or Amazon).  He is a Texas firefighter who wants to change the way people look at food.  In his documentary he takes two different families, goes through what they currently eat, takes them to the grocery store and shows them what to eat, then brings them home and cooks it for them.

It was worth watching and seeing how we can think that something is good for us and it really isn’t. For example he uses no oils, instead he uses a nonstick pan.  That is going to be difficult for me, but I’m going to try a couple of his recipes on his website http://engine2diet.com/. They look really good and fresh.  He uses a few things I haven’t tried yet like nutritional yeast, which I picked up today, like cheese on pizza.  It was educational to say the least and I would recommend watching it if you have a chance.