Check out the Food Babe Blog!!!


Food Babe is my new favorite blog that I recommend everyone to check out.  The author Vani Hari has given her life to finding and sharing how to make healthy life choices.  You can see the passion for her work in her post which are helpful for those of us that have made a commitment to make healthy changes in our lives to those that are just beginning that journey.

I recently signed up to follow her and have enjoyed every post as of yet and hope you do as well.


Zucchini Noodles

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One of the blogs I follow Is Gina’s At Home My Way, it’s great with lots of good information and recipes.  It’s not a vegan blog but I take some of her recipes and leave out the meat or use substitutes for eggs and cheese.  My family always throughly enjoys them.

One of her most recent post had a recipe for zucchini pasta and I had to check it out since I had an exorbitant amount of zucchini.  She points out that you do not have to have a special tool just a regular old vegetable peeler.  I tried it with a jar of organic pasta sauce that I added onion and mushrooms to and it was amazing.  I couldn’t stop eating it and didn’t have to have any guilt about it because it was all vegetables and good for me!!  Plus it was super quick.

Here is the link to that recipe and further directions, Zucchini Pasta.  It’s really worth the time to check out along with the rest of her posts.  Another one of my favorites it her No Knead Crusty Bread.

What do the Codes on your Produce Mean?



I thought until recently that the codes on those little annoy stickers that you have to pick off your apple before washing it were just for the clerks at the grocery store to type in to ring it up.  Little did I know they have a much bigger purpose that I really should be paying attention to. These little labels tell you how your produce was made and if you want to be eating or not.  Staying clear of those harmful GMOs

Check out to get a better break down of each code, also if you click on the picture above it takes you to another great site.

This can also be a fun, educational activity for the kids checking labels on the food that they will be eating to see if it is a good choice for their little bodies.  It’s never to early to start teaching them the importance of making healthy choices.


“Rewind the Future”

After I watched this video is just made me think about how many small things we do through out our lives and our children’s lives that will impact their health and future.  Not just their futures but generations after that.

I shared this with my children after watching it and thought it was worth sharing here also.  Hope you enjoy it.

"Rewind the Future"

“Rewind the Future”

Top 10 Health Benefits

change aheadI was contacted by by a fellow health conscious believer here on my blog and she had a very fitting piece that she wanted to share.  I found it very informative and love being apart of others walks in a healthy lifestyle.  So here’s a couple of words from Melissa Hathaway.

     Cutting out meat from your diet is not only an ethical step in terms of the environment, it’s also great for your health. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, inflammation and even cancer have all been directly linked to the consumption of meat, while fruit and vegetables contain numerous nutrients which are ideal for combatting these illnesses.

     If you’re vegan, or considering becoming vegan, and want to know more about the health benefits cutting meat and animal products from your diet can produce, this article has information on this, as well as evidence regarding why and how this is true.


Live till 100

Living till 100…. some of us may think that may be a little to long on this earth, what good could I be at that age?  I think that it all has to do with your journey to get there.

I found this article that I really enjoyed with some tips you need to do now if you want to get to that ripe old age.  We all know that if we eat better and exercise that it will lead to a longer life but this gives a couple more healthy ideas that we all should start to intergrade into our daily life.

I will end this short post with this story that inspires me.

I am a Postmaster in a small town with mostly older people coming in to get their mail from their post office boxes.  One lady that it is impossible to forget since she always has a smile on her face and joy in her words had trouble with her combination and would come to the front desk for assistant when she needed her mail.  I had helped her many times and she had always been bundled up in a sweater each time but one warm summer day she had a short sleeved shirt on. On her entire petite forearm she had the most beautiful black raven tattooed there.  My eyes couldn’t divert from it.  I was almost embarrassed that I couldn’t keep from looking at it.  She just wasn’t who you would think would have a tattoo.  She a fragile, peaceful preacher that reminds you of your favorite grandma.  So I just opened my mouth and said you must tell me the story that goes with that amazing piece of work you have there.  She smiled and laughed a little bit and said that when she was turning 70 she had more trouble with turning that age more than any other age that she could remember.  She said she felt useless, she wondered what she could give back anymore. She went on and said she started to pray about this uncomfortable feeling and that she was reminded of the story in 1 Kings 17 where the ravens commanded by God fed Elijah.  She said that if God could use the ravens than he could definitely still use her. So every time she starts to feel low or what she does in this world is not enough she just looks down at that beautiful black raven that she will always have as a reminder. That story really touched me, I did everything I could do not to just bust out of there and get myself a great big tattoo!! Instead I use the thought of that lovely ladies calm words and amazing story to inspiring me on those low days and hopefully by sharing this is it may inspire you too.


Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls

balls ingredients Out of all the recipes I have posted the highest views went to the the Energy Protein Bites that my good friend Mary Bechtel shared with me.  Since they were so popular I tried a few recipes similar and found this one. If you are a coconut fan this one is for you, I truly love coconut in any form and love all it’s health benefits (Top Ten Benefits of Coconut) so these really stood out to me. Hope you like them as much as the kids and I have.

Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls

1 cup Rolled Oats
1/4 cup Cocoa
1/4 cup Coconut (I used unsweetened)
1/2 cup Natural Peanut Butter
2/3 cup Honey

Add all ingredients together in a bowl and make into balls.  Pretty simple, then I store mine in a sealed container in the freezer. You could also add small chocolate chips, crushed nuts, currents, chia seeds, or try chocolate peanut butter for a different taste. Great for a snack or school lunches. balls

Overcoming Emotional Eating


Ever since I completed my course in plant based nutrition T. Colin Campbell sends me these emails once a month from the Center of Nutrition Studies.  This month features a lovely young lady named Becka Kelley that has given a majority to her life to find inward peace through a plant based diet, yoga and helping others to conquer the daily struggles of eating for health and not for the countless other reasons we decide to indulge.

It is worth clicking on the link below and hearing out some of the strategies she has come up with to help us have peace and strength through what we eat and the time we take on our bodies.