What do the Codes on your Produce Mean?



I thought until recently that the codes on those little annoy stickers that you have to pick off your apple before washing it were just for the clerks at the grocery store to type in to ring it up.  Little did I know they have a much bigger purpose that I really should be paying attention to. These little labels tell you how your produce was made and if you want to be eating or not.  Staying clear of those harmful GMOs

Check out http://www.drfranklipman.com/what-do-those-codes-on-stickers-of-fruits-and-some-veggies-mean/ to get a better break down of each code, also if you click on the picture above it takes you to another great site.

This can also be a fun, educational activity for the kids checking labels on the food that they will be eating to see if it is a good choice for their little bodies.  It’s never to early to start teaching them the importance of making healthy choices.



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