The 4Leaf Program from Jim Hicks

4Leaf Program was designed as a simple tool to help people focus on maximizing their consumption of the healthiest of foods — whole plants still in nature’s package.

So my 4Leaf score prior to my evening meal stands at roughly 90% of my calories from whole plants. Now I have the flexibility of having a 3Leaf meal, or even a small *2Leaf meal, for dinner; and still finish my day at 80% or more — and that makes me a 4-Leafer almost every day. Our intent with the 4Leaf Program was to make it easy for you to know exactly what constitutes the healthiest of diets for humans. How close you wish to come to that goal is totally up to you. If you want to experience vibrant health and enjoy maximum protection from chronic disease, we hope that you’ll join the healthy folks that have chosen the 4Leaf level for them and their families.

Above are some words from the website “4 leaf“.  This site by Jim Hicks is a great educational tool for eating raw foods to get the very best quality of nutrition out of the food you consume.


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